Sanya Squares

Sanya, Hainan, China
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The local government representing Sanya, China, a sprawling beach front city with tremendous natural beauty, engaged EDG in 2015 to help transform Sanya’s public profile from a regional beach city into one of the more prominent international tourism destinations of the Pacific.

To bridge this gap, EDG proposed a group of urban development initiatives. The first was the design of an urban tourism circle that would link together the most valuable public spaces throughout the city. These included the Luhiuto Mountain Park, Tadao Ando’s future Opera House, and the major public venues of the city – Luhuito Plaza and Big East Sea Square. The second was the proposal and design of new urban landmarks that would drive Sanya into the iconic-class of international cities. The centerpiece being the Ribbon Walk Park, and elevated pedestrian walkway arranged with lush tropical landscaping that would connect Luhuito Plaza and Big East Sea Square. Designed as an homage to the dynamic formal qualities of a traditional Chinese Ribbon Dancer, the formal structure of the elevated walkway would terminate at the Ribbon Tower, a dynamic 120-meter tall viewing tower at the center of Luhuito Plaza. This tower, which is scheduled to begin construction in 2018, represents the kind of visual icon that will turn Sanya into an easily recognizable city across the globe. When combined with the overall tourism strategy, Sanya will be properly positioned to undergo a holistic urban revival and renaissance, one which EDG was happy to play an important role.

Tourism and Vision Planning, Parks and Open Space, Culture Attractions
64 acres / 26 hectares
Vision Plan