Nanshan’s Confucius Cultural Tourism Park

Sanya, Hainan, China
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The Confucius Cultural Tourism Zone, a 519 acre (210 hectares) resort destination, presented a unique constraint from the outset – the close proximity of another already successful resort destination: The Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone.

EDG prepared the master plan and strategy through the formation of four interdependent resort districts – the ‘Feng Qi’ District, a RD&E arrival zone that celebrates the ancient traditions of Confucius thinking, the ‘Ya’ District, a residential retreat zone that’s devoted to the academic studies of Confucius philosophy, the ‘Song’ District, a coastal collection of existing shrines including the Confucius Temple that is supported by a leisurely village and resort setting, and lastly the Confucius Wetlands Park. When taken together, these districts form a managed wetlands development that connects the upland tropical areas to the shoreline of the South China Sea, demonstrating EDG’s strong concern for environmental sustainability and creating an additional new tourism destination for Hainan Island.

Tourism and Vision Planning, Urban Planning and Strategy, Culture Attractions
519 acres / 210 hectares