Legoland Japan Master Plan

Nagoya, Japan
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In 2011 EDG was recruited to design the urban layout of Legoland’s newest resort theme park in Nagoya, Japan.

The land upon which the resort now sits was divided by a complex road system that severely limited its usability. In order to create a seamless zone of themed experiences, EDG created an urban layout that oriented over  60,000 square meters of RD&E program between the theme park and the towering convention center on the east end of the site. By utilizing the RD&E space as both a magnet for pedestrians and a circulation device in the middle of the resort, the RD&E space became the glue that tied the urban plan together.

After it opened in 2017, Legoland quickly announced plans to expand the resort from 23 to 32 acres utilizing EDG’s urban plan as the foundation for the expansion. The expansion plan showcases EDG’s ability to design urban plans that will not only lead to construction and project success, but also create opportunities for long-term growth.

Urban Planning and Strategy, Theme Park
23 acres / 9 hectares