Kunming Playquarium

Kunming, China
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Kunming Playquarium welcomes visitors to experience all the wonder, enchantment, enlightenment, and pure enjoyment of these beguiling and beautiful aquatic and terrestrial realms, along with the creatures that dwell in them. There’s magic, mischief, and quirky surprises waiting around every turn, with an awesome array of family-oriented experiences inspired by the world’s marine habitats. It’s all set within a collection of colorful, playful environments where kelp forests tower over guests, sea lions frolic, penguins waddle, and over-sized jellyfish pulse gracefully overhead. Here, visitors can touch a live sea star or sea anemone, navigate a ropes course through the canopy of a magical rainforest, search for buccaneer treasure in the wreckage of sunken pirate ship, and interact with a pod of friendly dolphins.

FEC - Family Experience Center, Animal Parks and Attractions
6.1 acres / 2.5 hectares