Chongqing Kids Park

Chongqing, China
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The goal of the Chongqing Children’s Park study was to create an overall strategy and approach to revitalize the existing park in order to create a new unique destination for the City of Chongqing, an attractive and exciting destination environment for children and families, and a repositioned and rebranded financially successful project for the owner.

Several approaches were used in the repositioning of the project. Firstly, the project team analyzed the existing building structures to determine if interiors could be utilized for new indoor attractions. Secondly, children-focused retail components were proposed as infill and within the new expansion area in order to create anchors for potential visitors and visible zones of new activity. Third, by incorporating new highly visible icons into the site, the park can create destination location markers that encourage the excitement and support of new story development. Lastly, by revitalizing the park, it also has the opportunity to create new ideas for overall story development, increasing the clients intellectual property, and thereby the potential sources of future revenue generated by story based themed attractions.

The end result is a unique children’s world of entertainment intermixed with children’s activities and shopping as an innovative ‘Live-Action-Role-Play’ theme park.

FEC - Family Experience Center
25 acres / 10 hecatres