Zoland 1000 Island Lake

Xin'anjiang Reservoir, Hangzhou, China
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1000 Island Lake, one of the most revered natural landscapes around the world, had a history of careful development that had long protected its island jewels from the clutter of urban growth. Yet like any other captivating vista, the surrounding area was prime real estate that could become home to highly profitable development projects if strategically planned.

Seizing this opportunity, EDG set out to create an overall strategy and approach that could inject activity and kinetic energy into the existing open space, most notable the adjacent Pearl Peninsula outside of Hangzhou. Capitalizing on its location and potential, a retail overlay plan – the “Zoland 1000 Island Lake Retail Experience Center” – was proposed in a series of existing facilities that were underperforming due to their lack of identity and inadequate retail experience. By utilizing the creative characters of the Zoland brand, EDG was able to offer an innovative approach that could increase the areas attractiveness as an entertainment destination.

By following western precedents where shopping and entertainment are successfully combined and utilizing the characters of the “Zoland Brand” a connective thread connects previously unconnected elements. While maintaining the landscape and quality of the central waterway, the master plan approach successfully interweaves entertainment elements with the inspiring landscape of 1000 Island Lake.

Retail, Dining & Entertainment - RD&E, FEC - Family Experience Center