The Wave at Incheon

Incheon, South Korea
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The Wave at Incheon is a joint-venture collaboration between EDG and several other global entertainment companies. During the projects early stages EDG took responsibility for the concept, positioning, and planning of what would become the largest western-branded casino resort experience in East Asia.

Encompassing 800 acres (325 hectares) of a small island off the coast of the Korean mainland, The Wave includes an assembly of luxurious resort facilities, such as the 7-Star SuperClub, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and the Quicksilver Adventure Resort. To holistically integrate each facility, EDG designed a world class urban plan that connected each piece of the project. At the heart of the plan is the concentric ring layout that efficiently mobilizes each of the hotels into a singular urban network. As the ring expands from its center the plan efficiently deploys outward, encompassing The Wave’s grand outdoor experiences including the F-1 racing track and 18-hole golf course. In order to shorten travel time to the destination, a specialized private jet way was incorporated into the layout allowing more experienced guests to quickly enter the resort with minimal constraints.

Finally, the entire design is woven with culturally sensitive homages to Korean art, history, and cultural references, including K-Pop and K-Culture. In this and many other respects, the resort serves as a high-profile promotion of South Korea’s impressive history and identity. And it’s all presented through a conscientious design philosophy. With so much to offer, the resort is destined to attract wave after wave of vacationers, eager to discover its boundless opportunities for fun and excitement.

Tourism and Vision Planning
809 acres / 328 hectares