Spring Dream World – 7 Kingdoms

Baoting, Hainan, China
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The Spring Dream World – 7 Kingdoms Resort represents a monumental shift in the existing tourism industry on Hainan Island. Traditionally, this tropical island has drawn international visitors by marketing it pristine natural beaches and coastal life. Located within the interior rim of Hainan, this resort is one of the first projects on the island that seeks to celebrate the lush beauty of Hainan’s tropical rain forests, including the well regarded Yanoda National Forest.

Comprised of 24,710 acres (10,000 hectares), the park utilized Hainan’s clean air and healthy lifestyle to serve as a platform for what will become China’s first ecological Disney World. Featuring seven unique kingdoms within the overall resort – Bountiful Kingdom, Rainforest Adventure Kingdom, Action Kingdom, Dinosaur Kingdom, Eden Kingdom, Magical Nature Kingdom, and Dream Forest Island. Each kingdom of the resort created a structural foundation that allowed it to be marketed to a diverse international audience. Yet throughout this process, the project team took effort to develop a comprehensive themed story-line and character history to unite the resort by creating marketing material and intellectual property for the client. When combined with the sustainable master plan concept, this resort theme park is put on a foundation that makes it competitive with its international peers in Japan and Hong Kong, while also distinguishing itself as culturally appropriate for Hainan Island, and China more broadly.

Tourism and Vision Planning, Culture Attractions
24710 acres / 10000 hectares
Vision Plan