Sanya Wild Kingdom

Sanya, Hainan, China
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The Sanya Wild Kingdom Tourism Park combines EDG’s experience in rehabilitating zoological theme parks and developing large urban master plans that are in sync with local codes and guidelines.

Currently home to an abandoned animal attraction, this site is home to a diverse array of exotic animal life including 66 tigers and over 800 crocodiles. Contacted by Fu Wah International Group, one of the wealthiest real estate and investment companies in China, EDG was engaged to repurpose the existing site, move the animals to a more hospitable location, and develop the nearby zones as a new tourist attraction. The key to the project’s success relied on the thoughtfully designed master plan, one that resides on some of the last developable waterfront area in Sanya.

By leveraging the waterfront as well as the preserved tropical inland areas, EDG was able to create a development strategy modeled after already successful zoological resorts. In its center is the Wild Kingdom, the main tourist attraction, and home to animals previously abandoned and other local wildlife as well. When combined with several world class themed hotels and innovative RD&E districts, the project produces a new model for animal related parks in China for the 21st century.

Tourism and Vision Planning, Animal Parks and Attractions
494 acres / 200 hectares