Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone Expansion

Sanya, Hainan, China

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone Expansion

Sanya, Hainan, China
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Since the implementation of the original master plan developed in 1997 the tourism zone has been an immensely popular tourist destination for mainland China with over 3.5 million visitors per year. Following the construction of the Buddha Guan Yin in 2003 there have been only minor additions and renovations and the complete 1997 master plan was never implemented. In order to make the project more competitive with other Buddhist destinations in China, EDG was engaged to study and propose a new vision plan for the project as a roadmap for the 21st century.

In order to complete the thinking of the 1997 master plan EDG proposed three new development zones based on the “Three Jewels of Buddhism, Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha”: The Sites of India, Buddhist International Peace Forum, and Small Moon Bay.

Tourism and Vision Planning
345 acres / 140 hectares
Vision Plan