Huangguoshu Falls National Park

Anshun, China

Huangguoshu Falls National Park

Anshun, China
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Located in the Chinese Province of Guizhou, Huangguoshu Falls is home to the largest series of waterfalls in Asia. EDG was commissioned to study how to increase tourism to the area in general and create more of an international tourism destination while leveraging a series of underperforming tourism resources. In order to create a unique destination EDG developed a comprehensive tourism and entertainment strategy for the surrounding 140 square kilometer area consisting of 14 separate natural scenic spots. The result is the comprehensive branding of the Huangguoshu Falls Tourism District; “China’s first National Park for the 21st Century” with Huangguoshu Falls at the center. The strategy includes repositioning all of the existing tourism attractions with new development programs into three related zones bringing with it increased tourism and investment to the Falls and Guizhou Province as well.

The development plan includes a cohesive transportation system throughout the province as well as a managed wetlands strategy to protect the natural water system supporting The Falls. Finally, EDG was instrumental in identifying funding sources for initial land acquisition, infrastructure development, upgrade existing facilities, develop new resort locations, and subsequently increased tourism attendances and the number of stay days.

Tourism and Vision Planning, Hotels and Resorts, Culture Attractions
188 acres / 76 hectares
Vision Plan