Dragon Gate

Longmen Town, Hainan, China
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Located near the town of Longmen on the Chinese provincial island of Hainan, the Dragon Gate Eco-Tourism and Resort Master Plan is a master plan development project encompassing 4780 acres (1970 ha).

EDG was commissioned to plan the transformation of the site into Hainan’s first Multi-Destination Resort. This was achieved through an innovative land use plan that utilized existing site features – the agricultural wetlands, areas of volcanic stone, and natural rock formations – to guide the placement of several eco-friendly resort destinations. Within each destination is an architecturally unique resort hotel designed as tributes to the natural beauty of the Earth. Appropriately named the Grass, Water, Air, and Wood Resorts, each hotel is linked by a clean fuel transit system and a grand pedestrian walkway in the form of the Taoist Yin-Yang Symbol.

The final result is a resort that’s culturally resonant and environmentally conscious, making it well positioned to succeed in 21st century China.

Tourism and Vision Planning, Hotels and Resorts
1633 acres / 661 hecatres